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“The object of teaching a child is to enable him to get along without his teacher.”

Elbert Hubbard


As technology becomes increasingly relevant in our lives, it has become critical to explore and understand the ins and outs of its functioning.

What better place to start but in our schools and with our young people. Today’s generation was born with technology in their lives and it only makes sense for them to learn it along with other subjects of their curriculum.

However, we’ve not reached a stage yet where technology is taught as part of the curriculum and hence we believed it is essential for this knowledge to be taught in some way or the other in a formal set up.

That’s how the Coding Club was born; to bridge the gap between what the formal curriculum offers and what it doesn’t.

With 50 schools and more than a 500 students already part of the club, we are hoping to reach every student of every school in the country in the next 3 years



Our programmes have been custom made to suit students of various ages and stages and have been developed in conjunction with teachers and educators from across the country.

The club offers after school lessons which are simple, and easy to understand and a combination of theory and practical work. The programme is designed in a way to gradually build knowledge and skills in coding and is self-explanatory.

The material is meant to be engaging for young people and includes activities such as creation of video games, animations, applications and more to keep them interested and keen.

Above all, the club aims to encourage and inspire them to become innovators in technology

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Working in hospitality over 20yrs and the marketing sector for 10 yrs and witnessing the evolution of the digital world made me realise, the importance of the computing skills.

As a father of two I recognised the advantages of the digital education in the early ages. Which is positively affects our children development in so many areas like problem solving, grammar, collaboration with others and building confidence.

That’s why I’m so dedicated to take this opportunity to every school in the country and give the advantage of digital literacy to as many children as possible so they will have a better chance in their future life.



A talented young man who has a strong passion for tech. When was 9 he had already made his first website, then continued to create a Java application at 13. Since then he has helped hundreds of children to have a better understanding of computers, coding, and virtual reality (I BELIEVE IN ACCELERATORS NOT IN BRAKES). 



From a young age, he was always been interested in technology and how it evolving our life and how important technology is to everyone’s day. He teaches coding, 3D printing and enhances their knowledge through 3D videos on the IDEAS bus.(THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD IS IN MY CLASS TODAY)

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Community Coding Club

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"Coding isn't just for computer whizzes, it's for everyone. So they can do more than just use new tech toys but also create them."

Mitch Resnick of MIT Media Lab

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